Tips Preventing and Overcoming Chapped Lips

Chapped lips, it sounds a simple question. But, if you've never felt it, you surely already know that these problems can cause irritation and cause pain, especially while eating.Chapped lips can also become inflamed and cause scarring. If not handled properly can even lead to cracks and bleeding on the lips. This course will greatly interfere with your activities. However, this problem can be prevented and if it did, you could also do a variety of ways to stop it. Here are some tips that can be your guide to prevent and resolve problems chapped lips.


When her lips began to dry up, usually the first thing you might do is try to lick stubborn way. This will alleviate the problem of dry lips for a while. but, so saliva dries, your lips will be even drier than before. Cause, licking the lips will remove the natural protective oils of your lips. In addition, chemical substances in saliva that serves digest food instead will try to "digest" the lips. Therefore, one way to prevent dry lips so chapped is to try not to lick it.

It is better to keep the moisture in the body throughout the day with emphasis on drinking water. In addition, when outside the room, do not forget to protect the skin of your lips with lip balm that contains sunscreen for your sensitive lips. If you are a smoker, then stop.Smoking dries out the lips and leave the oil on the dry lips so chapped easily.


If prevention efforts fail and keep your lips chapped and bleeding, to flee the treatment.The first way, choose a lip balm is designed specifically for chapped lips. This serves to prevent the addition bjbir chapped. And to remove dry skin cells from lips, apply a small amount of vaseline to brush your teeth (which is still new and only single-use) and then rub it gently into the area to dry on the lips. This will raise all the dead skin cells and dry skin from your lips. However, avoid this if in a state of bloody lip. If the inflamed lips, apply hydrocortisone cream to reduce inflammation.

Also, make sure retain moisture by increasing the body's drinking water and avoid caffeinated beverages each day. And if the room you feel dry and hot, turn on the humidifier to keep moisture from the air. Dry air can also aggravate the condition of your lips.

You can also cope with chapped lips by rubbing a little butter on the lips. This method can maintain the softness of the lips and help heal the cracks.

Take some rose petals, then soak in fresh milk for several hours. The results of the next bath applied to the lips. This method will not only overcome the drought but also prevents loss of pink color on the lips.

Apply milk cream to the lips. This could help lift the dead skin and soften dry lips.
Or rub cucumber slices into the lips. This can help overcome the lips dry and cracked.
You can also use aloe vera gel to stop chapped lips.

Make sure also that your body is not deficient in vitamin B, iron or other essential fatty acids. kekurangn these substances can trigger chapped lips. So, it is better to use a multivitamin after consultation with the doctor.

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