Asean will not be stuck to the problems of binding and impartial. Asean as a region neutral position to ward the United States two powers and China. Thus it does not mean the Asean  incapable of development, just a step like this should be utilized as possible. With all the potential that exists as a qualified Asian community, ASEAN member countries would not be careless in performing various speculations.

Asean to encourage cooperation in Asia Pacific, European                                                  Union and the Middle EastThis collaboration is expected to accelerate the infrastructure development of Asean. The policy continues to be reviewed and corrected to the maximum closer to understanding the fair. Both from China and the United States who are both wanted their interests, not to make them to be arrogant. The delegates from ASEAN member countries and other countries have a solid relationship to be able to maintain and mutual benefit in various fields.

Sectors of the abundant natural resources in Southeast Asia could be an option as well aspriority countries for developers to explore. With all due attention to one condition and protecting the environment. 

Most large investors will only damage the environment but do not fix it. Though this sort of thing becomes a new problem that receive the effects felt not only the areas affected by environmental damage but also the country itself.

So it needs to review the response and examine the aspects of cooperation. Good for both parties, as well as the creation of prosperity and progress of ASEAN.