Mestakung film tells about the struggle of Indonesian children achieve a dream, love of science, the existence of family affection became  into things belong together in this story. Sourced on Mestakung Novel, the work of Prof. Yohanes Surya, who is very concerned about the education of children of Indonesia. The following mestakung movie trailers and movie cover mestakung.

This film took the background on the island of Madura, with this film will certainly raise the culture and customs Madurasuch as Bull, pomp Suramadu bridge, and also the beauty ofthe island of Madura. Here's a picture of the island ofMadura, which is dance, sate, island of madura, suramadu bridge, and karapan sapi.

From this story we can take the wisdom and good examplebecause behind the downturn there must be hope. hopefullyIndonesian children who are in any sense the meaning from love for the beloved homeland, and the love of family.