Success is not a difficult dream to achieve. According to Andre Ho (2002), many successful people come from groups who are not privileged. Most of them originally just an ordinary person like us. But because of his persistence, they can become an extraordinary person. Therefore, we must recognize some facts about success.

1. Success has nothing to do with age
a. The new Nelson Mandela became president at age 76 years
b. When successfully invented the telephone, 27-year-old Marconi
c. The founder of the famous fast food restaurant in the world, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC),    Col. Sanders just starting his business at age 65
d. Winston Churchill's life full of failures and challenges, and only succeeded in serving Prime Minister of England at the age of 52 years
e. Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the richest man in the world at the time he was 41 years old. She earns about U.S. $ 90 million per day.

2. Success has nothing to do with nation, religion, and ancestry
a. Jerderal Colin Powell is a descendant of blacks in the U.S., but managed to become well-known political expert
b. Charlie Dick began writing articles in the warehouse where he worked and many of his editors thrown into the trash, but with great effort, he managed to become world-famous writer
c. Martin Luther King Jr. is a descendant of U.S. blacks, who fight for justice and equal rights for all ethnic groups in America. He became an example of justice fighters are very famous in the world.

3. Success has nothing to do with the (flawed) physical
a. Hellen Keller, a blind, deaf and speech impaired, was never desperate to try, and eventually managed to become a famous writer and educator in the world
b. Shakespeare, disabled leg, but could become a famous novelist in the world
c. Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, suffered from polio, but still standing upright as a president of a reliable
d. Beethoven was deaf, but with his hard effort he eventually became an expert on music (composer) famous in the world
e. Napoleon Bonaparte has a short body posture and face are not attractive but he could be pemimpim forces to establish one large country in Europe
f. Anthony Robins 17 years ago living in a very poor neighborhood with a very fat body. But he never stopped trying to change his life and now he is a world renowned motivator.

4. Success has nothing to do with family background
a. Andrew Carnegie began work since the age of 13 years and thanks to his hard work, he managed to become the King of Iron Steel in the U.S.
b. At the age of 20 years, Walter Disney was a poor boy and totally unknown. Less than 10 years later, he managed to become well-known businessman in the world
c. Abraham Lincoln was born from a poor family, with a background in no way be proud of, but after years of struggling. He managed to become the leader country in the world Super Power
d. American former president Bill Clinton. His father died when he was a child, his brother was involved the case of drugs. But he has one clear purpose in life, and act in accordance with the endorsed plan.

So do your best for yourself. We must be mature and critical. Do not delay the time, there is a saying: "people who are poor, not the people who do not have a penny of the money in his pocket, it's the poor who have no ideals to be proud of."