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The interview is conducted plural stages in the process of hiring employees. This stage was made to better understand the applicant's personal as well as find information relevant to the position. Therefore, the job seeker has to prepare herself as much as possible. For that there are a few tips that can be applied.

Before the interview day arrives, there is a good idea to do a little research to find company profile is proposed and to get the job description.

Arrived on time into things that can not be taken lightly. Try to arrive 15 minutes early. The goal is that you can have time to relax and fill out an application form with the data themselves do not hurry. Do not forget to come up with a neatly dressed and styled to support good performance.

Arrive when called and entered the interview room, you can say hello and then took the initiative to shake hands with the interviewer beforehand, as well as introducing your name in a clear voice. Later during the interview process, remains to be polite, smile and try to relax.

When the interviewer to explain listen carefully and begin to answer the question briefly and directed. Usually the ice beraker the interviewer will begin by asking "Tell me about yourself?" In about 5-10 minutes. This is your opportunity to promote yourself with a foothold on your experience. Put work experience or educational background as an important info for the interviewer.Answer any questions with enthusiasm and focus, not in a hurry. Try to give concrete examples or illustrations of your capabilities that are tailored to the position.

Generally, you can also be given the opportunity to ask the interviewer then use this session to ask what you need to know about the proposed work or also about the next recruitment process.

Completed interviews you can greet the interviewer politely back and say thank you for your time. Within 2-3 days, you also can send a thank you note to the person interviewed to provide an appreciation and interest to join the company.

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