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(Former President, Expert Science and Technology)

Bacharudin Jusuf Habibie was a man with a myriad of designations. Daily Rays Hope dubbed "The symbol of the 21st century". U.S. magazine, Christian Science Monitor called it "The symbol of Islam Progretivitas". Mr. nickname. Crack awarded the scientist because BJ Habibie was the first person in the world that shows how to calculate the order of the rift plane until the level of the atoms (crack propagation on random).

Brilliance of his invention immortalized with his name: "Theory Habibie, Habibie Factor, Habibie Method". In 1993 his reputation was confirmed through the bestowal of Theodore von Karman, a prestigious prize for the world of aerospace. Habibie also nicknamed Big Spender, for projects using high level technology are expensive and the state budget.

Habibie was born in Parepare, South Sulawesi, June 25, 1936. Any success achieved by painstakingly hard work. His father was A.D. Habibie, the former head of the department of agriculture of South Sulawesi. At the age of 13 years he left his father's death, Habibie's mother was eight months pregnant at the time. Habibie was sworn mother side of her husband's body, he would educate their children. Habibie's mother also worked worked hard to provide for their families and educate their children.

Habibie had entered the Bandung Institute of Technology. A year at ITB thanks to the hard work her mother, She P & K was awarded a scholarship to study in West Germany.Degree mechanical engineer and aircraft construction achieved at the age of 21 years. He continued his studies at their own expense. When graduating from college, Habibie was the first person outside of Germany that makes the thesis of aeronautics with a dissertation entitled Genetic Heatic Thermoelasticity in Hypersonic Hypersonic Spreed won him a doctorate.

Begin Habibie traveled in the world of technology. He even worked as a research assistant at the Technische Hocheschule (TH) Aachen and Messerschimidd Boelkow-Blohm GmbH (MBB), which was named Hamburger Flugzeugbau GmBH (HFB), Hamburg, Germany, from 1966-1978. In the MBB, Habibie served as Vice President / Director of Technology. International reputation necessarily draw attention to the political elite in Indonesia. In 1974, President Suharto called him to come home.

Upon returning to Indonesia, Habibie pioneered the technology transfer program, initiated from an aircraft repair shop. These workshops, called the Institute of Industrial Aviation IPTN (Lipnur), originally worn only by airplane hangars made of powder dispersers Polish engineer, accompanied by several others. From the workshop itulan Commodore IPTN with another group of mechanics who hold a trial to make small aircraft, with the name The Beetles, Wren, Kuang, Coffee, etc with crude equipment. Habibie then remodel Lipnur into modern aircraft factory called Nusantara Aircraft Industry (IPTN). Habibie also changed the approach to technology transfer in Indonesia aeronautical industry. If scientists are developing countries in general should learn the basic level of technology in the manufacture of aircraft, Habibie immediately to transfer the latest technology. February 1969 in Jakarta, Habibie along Sutadi Suparlan direktu at the Directorate General of Aviation Industry to discuss the departure of Indonesian scholars to learn to make a plane in Germany. Ten months later, 30 scholars Indonesia studying at MBB. Habibie overshadow these scholars, in IPTN.

Habibie and IPTN change the image of Indonesia in the international aerospace technology. Indonesia became one of the seven countries of the world's aircraft manufacturers. IPTN pesawatCN managed to sell 173-235 and about 125 N-250 aircraft.Habibie was going to run the project of making jet 100 people who were named N-2130 (Year 1997). 1998 economic crisis made the government should cut funding for lighthouse projects. IPTN had stumbled and threatened bankruptcy.
Besides acting in the field of technology, Habibie also recorded maneuver in world politics, since it berliau elected chair of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals Association (ICMI), which was formed in 1990. Many administrators ICMI became ministers and officials, some suspect the ICMI serves as a political train Habibie, Suharto as well as a tool to dampen volatility Muslims. In fact through ICMI, Habibie taken into account in the name of political exchanges at that time. Habibie was appointed as the coordinator of the Daily Board of Trustees of Golkar.
MPR general session in March 1998 chose him as Vice President replaces General Try Sutrisno. Only two months served as Vice President, the economic crisis and political turmoil of unstable forcing Suharto and Habibie had to put his position to position itself as the third President of the Republic of Indonesia.

Habibie leadership era marked some positive developments from the standpoint of democracy, for example, granting freedom to establish parties, freedom of the press, even the freedom of the East Timorese people to remain independent or join the RI. As per the results of the referendum Timorese wanted independence East.

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