Minggu, 18 Desember 2011



The interview is conducted plural stages in the process of hiring employees. This stage was made to better understand the applicant's personal as well as find information relevant to the position. Therefore, the job seeker has to prepare herself as much as possible. For that there are a few tips that can be applied.

Before the interview day arrives, there is a good idea to do a little research to find company profile is proposed and to get the job description.

Arrived on time into things that can not be taken lightly. Try to arrive 15 minutes early. The goal is that you can have time to relax and fill out an application form with the data themselves do not hurry. Do not forget to come up with a neatly dressed and styled to support good performance.

Arrive when called and entered the interview room, you can say hello and then took the initiative to shake hands with the interviewer beforehand, as well as introducing your name in a clear voice. Later during the interview process, remains to be polite, smile and try to relax.


The skin becomes beautiful dream every human being, especially women. However,beautiful skin is not merely a white skin. A good skin is the skin retain moisture so it looksshiny and clean. Humidity is the key to the skin to keep it looking perfect.

Brilliant skin can beautify one's appearance. To get a beautiful skin. You not only have to use a moisturizer on a regular basis. There are several ways you can do to keep the skin moist.

Before bed you can start using serum or olive oil so that when you wake up in the morning,skin will feel supple and fresh. Choose a sunscreen lotion or moisturizer containing sun protection extra. This is because only a few sunscreens that contain moisturizers formula.Do not be concerned with a body lotion that has a fragrant aroma alone without being able to moisturize the body skin. This is important because the function of body lotion is tomoisturize the skin.

Minggu, 27 November 2011



Everyone would like a snack. In Indonesia you can enjoy a variety of traditional foods that are crisp and filling. Snacksare very suitable for various events, like parties, trips, andberkativitas. Besides, you can find it everywhere. practical and efficient and can be provided in warm conditions. read more




Jumat, 18 November 2011



(Former President, Expert Science and Technology)

Bacharudin Jusuf Habibie was a man with a myriad of designations. Daily Rays Hope dubbed "The symbol of the 21st century". U.S. magazine, Christian Science Monitor called it "The symbol of Islam Progretivitas". Mr. nickname. Crack awarded the scientist because BJ Habibie was the first person in the world that shows how to calculate the order of the rift plane until the level of the atoms (crack propagation on random).

Brilliance of his invention immortalized with his name: "Theory Habibie, Habibie Factor, Habibie Method". In 1993 his reputation was confirmed through the bestowal of Theodore von Karman, a prestigious prize for the world of aerospace. Habibie also nicknamed Big Spender, for projects using high level technology are expensive and the state budget.